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2023 Business Trends and OCM’s Value Add – Part 1

It is that time of the year when we look at what is changing in Organization Change Management (OCM), and how those changes add value to the success of your business priorities.

As you may recall from 2022’s version of this topic, we believe the value of OCM is in its ability to accomplish two broad goals:

  1. Accelerate the organization’s ability to operate in the new / changed world
  2. Ensure the changes are sustainable, i.e., that they “stick”

“…what are the 2023 changes in business and how will OCM need to adapt to ensure their success?”

Regardless of the specific change, without OCM, neither of these broad business goals are possible. So, what are the 2023 changes in business and how will OCM need to adapt to ensure their success?

Oddly enough, the types of changes to business are fairly similar from year to year. They may not be the same for a given business or a given industry but, from a strategic and a change perspective, they are very similar.

For example, business technology is always changing. Businesses may not be implementing the same technology from year to year, but businesses are always introducing new technology, new ways of working, and the consistent project-based application of OCM.

With that in mind, our approach to addressing future OCM trends will change a bit from the view we used last year. It is broader in its scope and, hopefully, more useful in addressing the constant change all successful businesses create. See what you think.

Let us start this six part series by identifying how human beings change, and their basic needs to ensure successful change. From there we will take a deep dive into emerging trends in OCM that align with how humans change.

What Human Needs are Required for Successful Change?

  • Their desire to retain control.
  • Their need for credible leadership, confidence, trust.
  • Their preference to learn by doing.
  • Their desire to understand the bigger picture.
  • Their aspiration to be part of “something that matters.”

So, there you have it, our starting point for exploring the future of OCM. Designed to align with how humans change regardless of the next project.

In future blogs in this series, we plan on taking a deeper dive into each of the areas we have introduced above.

Let us know your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.

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