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CARA-Curated Change, Learn & Grow Opportunities

You’re just like us– always keeping your eye out for new ways to expand your skills and horizons. With this in mind, bookmark this page to stay on top of the event and learning opportunities we’ve curated for you.

We hold our own digital and live events throughout each year, and we are proud sponsors of ATD Chicago and ATD Southeast Wisconsin. If you’re hosting an event you’d like us to list here, get in touch. 


ATD Chicago – 6/4: Persuasive Presentation & Data Storytelling: A Whole-Brain Guide with Professor Steve Franconeri.

You have great ideas, but to implement them, they need to be presented engagingly and clearly. Most presentations are confusing and overwhelming. This webinar will provide a practical toolkit of research-backed best practices in information design and data storytelling. You’ll learn how to transform 45-minute firehose presentations into efficient 15-minute primers that facilitate productive discussions and decisions.

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SEWI-ATD – 6/7: Unlocking the Potential of Generative AI in L&D: Navigating Challenges and Driving Adoption.

The generative AI (genAI) landscape is evolving rapidly, with new models emerging that can synthesize content, converse naturally, and provide data insights. For L&D professionals, these advances present opportunities to enhance instructional design, personalize learning, and create automation workflows that support strategic objectives at the organizational level. However, adoption at scale is still getting underway.

This workshop will equip learning leaders and practitioners with the knowledge and tools to navigate the emerging landscape of generative AI. Address concerns about limited resources, leadership buy-in, and individual/organizational change, offering practical strategies for integrating this technology into your workflows.

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ATD Chicago – 6/13: It’s the End of the World of Work (as we know it).

In recent years, as attention has been directed towards employee well-being and retention, the anticipated 4th industrial revolution has materialized.

Join our CEO Michelle Reid-Powell and several Talent Leaders for a webinar.  Michelle will present and discuss the latest research on workforce transformation, and a panel of senior talent leaders will share their first-hand insights on how they are navigating workforce challenges like leadership development, AI, and the talent gap.

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STC Chicago – 6/20: Accessibility in User Experience Design – Six Quick Fixes for Technical Writers.

Examine how technical writers can consider user experience design and accessibility when writing technical documentation. In this webinar, speaker Sara Doan, assistant professor of experience architecture in the Writing, Rhetoric, and Cultures Department at Michigan State University (MSU) outlines the six most common accessibility errors and shows how to resolve them.

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ATD Chicago – 6/24: Increasing L&D Value: Collaboration with Continuous Improvement Initiatives with Shannon Curth.

Join virtually  to hear Shannon Curth present Increasing L&D Value: Collaboration with Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Many organizations pride themselves on “continuously improving”, so much so that they often have individuals or teams dedicated to formal continuous improvement programs or initiatives. L&D is an integral piece to a successful continuous improvement program or process improvement project. In this session you will learn how to partner with Continuous Improvement employees or teams and help them see the value an L&D professional can add to their work.

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SEWI-ATD – 6/28: Training Delivery PDN—It’s Not About You: It’s About the Learner.

Refocus your training session design and delivery on the learner. After all, you don’t succeed as the trainer if your learners aren’t learning.  Put both your success and the learners’ at the forefront by rethinking the instructor-generated load you may impart on your audience.  Practice identifying and overcoming assumptions about learners often held by trainers and leave with an action plan.

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SEWI-ATD – 8/2: Performance Improvement PDN: Knowledge Management to Enable Performance.

AI is disrupting knowledge management. How do we connect to performance? From LLMs generating content to chatbots surfacing just-in-time resources, the knowledge management landscape is radically changing. Now is the time to revisit how improved knowledge can enable workplace results. Join to explore how knowledge management can enhance performance.

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8/20: 2024 Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase.

Join hosts STC Chicago and ATDChi at the next annual Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase for an exploration of elearning best practices and technology.

Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase has earned the enthusiastic praise of attendees and presenters alike. Gather again this summer to celebrate the evolution of learning technologies.

The Showcase provides a full day of presentations with an emphasis on the role of technology and interactive methods in organizational training. Our speakers explore all aspects of eLearning—analysis, instructional design, development tools, virtual instruction, evaluation, social and interactive applications, mobile learning, rapid eLearning, and more.

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