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CARA Springs Forward

Welcome, spring! It always strikes me as a miracle of alignment that each March, in honor of “daylight saving,” almost everyone in the United States fast-forwards themselves exactly one hour into the future. We all arrive at the same place at new time. Wouldn’t it be great if we could synchronize every move toward the future with such precision?

Spring time travel aside, the future does seem to be coming toward us at an accelerated pace, especially in the workplace. As artificial intelligence, robotics, and digitalization become pervasive, organizations are redesigning jobs, reorganizing work, and implementing new technology. At CARA, we are fortunate to count many of the Fortune 500 among our clients. Leaders in these organizations use words like “uncertain,” “disruptive,” and “volatile” to describe the challenges they face as they strive to support the needs of the existing organization while simultaneously building a path to the future.

How can we thoughtfully and proactively build a future that embraces technology but also celebrates humanity? We do so by taking deliberate and coordinated action. At CARA, we work with our clients to develop creative, collaborative change management, learning, and communications solutions that enable employees to adapt to relentless change and embrace the future of work. For example, recent projects include developing a skill building program for those whose jobs are shifting due to AI, creating training for uniquely human skills such as leadership and critical thinking, implementing and ensuring adoption of enterprise-wide technology, and enabling a national sales team to become consultative, value-based relationship builders. Our goal is to help “team human” get a little bit closer to being miraculously transported to the places they need to go.

When CARA was founded almost twenty years ago, the talent of our team, our values, and our unprecedented commitment to the success of our clients and consultants made us unique. They still do. But we’ve also adapted and evolved into a full-scale solutions-focused professional services firm, and it’s about time we told our story. Our new brand messaging, “committed to your future” captures what sets CARA apart – our deep-seated commitment to going the extra mile for our clients. It also highlights our ability to navigate complex organizational challenges and provide future-centric approaches and solutions to help “team human” succeed.

Today, we are launching a new website to share what so many clients already know about us. I hope you like what you see, that you’ll want to learn more, and you’ll give us a call. I can’t think of a better way to spring forward.

Michelle Reid-Powell, President and CEO, The CARA Group

Author Michelle Reid-Powell, President and CEO, The CARA Group

Michelle Reid-Powell is the President and CEO of The CARA Group, Inc. Michelle describes her role as, “establishing a vision for CARA’s strategic growth and then organizing, mobilizing, inspiring, developing, and regularly refueling the energy of the CARA team to achieve that vision.” Michelle has been a member of CARA’s leadership team since 2011 where she has been passionately devoted to elevating the performance of CARA’s team and clients. Prior to CARA, Michelle held strategic leadership roles in the learning and change management arena at companies including McDonald’s Corporation, marchFIRST, and Arthur Anderson. She has led high-performing teams acknowledged by Brandon Hall, The Masie Center, and Workforce Chicago.

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